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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  September 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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. this survivor of a terrifying car jacking now sharing his experience and hopes others will learn from his ordeal and not find themselves in similar situations. and a new group is looking into how student collected here in ohio. what that means for those of you battling student debt. >> and first, a live look outside much progressive field this morning. how about the blue skies hanging over the stadium and the tribe will be there looking for a sweep as the marlins try to get them out of cleveland. hello, welcome to this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley with meteorologist janessa webb. let's get to the forecast. someone sitting close to me said this would be the pick of the weekend. it's hard to beat after
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across the area. >> right. >> and no matter where you're at. a lot of sunshine and this morning, clear skies and we're off to a fantastic start. and not going to see any clouds floating through the area today and that is going to be a two- day stretch of the warm air. definitely pumping in across the area. and now, the tradeoff, though s with all of this high pressure and that is cooler. overnight lows this morning waking up to the 40s for wane county. finally starting to spice up bit for greater cleveland. 57 degrees and good morning dover new philly, almost the that 60 degrees mark. give the weather and hold on here. a bit of time to warm up as our daytime highs are going to return to the 80s this afternoon. and so, 5 live radar is a little bit of ground clutter that you're seeing. hour-by-hour i know yesterday we were in debate. is it a pool day ited? i will pull the chord here and say head to the pool this
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in the lower 80s. >> i was glad when they pulled off in the car. i didn't want to get shot. >> and the victim of a violent car jacking speaking only to newschannel 5. a man said that he was pumping gas in east cleveland when two men held him at gunpoint, stealing his cash, his phone, and his lexus. newschannel 5s derek waller found out the men responsible are not shy. >> reporter: this richmond heights man who wants to called jay is riding his motorcycle home tonight and not his 2009 lexus gs-350. after he said two men held him up at gunpoint at the euclid avenue sunoco station. he said that is fine. >> i was kind of glad when they pulled up on the car. i didn't want to get shot. i was glad. i was not hurt. >> reporter: he said that the armed car jacking took place around 10:45 last night. the whole thing lasted less than a minute. >> and as soon as a got in the car, closed the door and started it up and got -- opened
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me to get out of the car. i exited the vehicle. another guy came around from the back of the car and went into my pockets, took my money and took my phone. >> reporter: today, he has a replacement phone and we were there as he got word from an officer. his car is recovered in cleveland and those expensive after-market rims and tires are gone. surveillance cameras are positioned around the gas station parking lot, but jay hasn't seen the video and after getting away with a bold crime last gunmen will carjack someone else. >> i'm anxious to get the videotape from the store. >> reporter: the gas station manager said there is surveillance video of the car jacking in action, but he's not handing it over, and it's unclear if east cleveland police have seen it either. when we see it, you will see it as well. derek waller, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and people meantime, another area community uniting against violent crime and to pay respect to the 11 women found in and earn convicted
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neighbors cleared away garbage and debris from a memorial dedicated to the victims on imperial avenue. volunteers planted trees and flowers around the site determined not to let the victims be forgotten. >> all we did was take a stand and we got up early in the morning to take care of our community for the 11 women who were brutally killed here seven years ago. >> and he was sentenced to death in 2011 and is asking for a new trial and wants penalty conviction overturned. and ohio has a new advisory group to watch over the collection of student loan debt. the group is run through the state attorney general's office and will keep an eye on all public colleges and universities in the state. the goal is to make sure the school's debt collection process is fair and transparent. the panel will also make sure students get all of the information they need before signing up for the student
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loop-- loans. 64 days until the voting. here in ohio, absentee ballot applications are being sent out this weekend and that means in ohio, you can vote absentee in mail or person without providing a reason. early voting begins october 12th. and in another sign, the election is getting closer, more campaign stops in our area. hillary clinton and running mate tim cape will be in cleveland tomorrow -- tim kaine will be in cleveland tomorrow. they will stop by the city's labor day festival at luke easter pa attending the event, we have a link to rsvp on the news net 5 app. meantime, former president bill clinton will be in ohio tomorrow. he'll be at an aflcio labor day picnic in cincinnati. >> on the other side of the equation, the republicans making stops in ohio. vice presidential pick mike pence dropped by the ohio state campus yesterday. the indiana governor tailgated ahead of the ohio state bowling green game. his appearance was not
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ahead of time. his big 10 legion with the hoosiers. he also with want to law school at indiana university. and thank you so much for starting your sunday morning with us. i'm nick foley. coming up later, one of the area's most familiar amusement parks preparing to shut its doors for good in days. >> and a woman known for devoting her entire life to the less fortunate gets the ultimate recognition from the vatican. more on mother theresa still ahead. of course, janessa has the local weather. >> and looking at more for your sunday afternoon. my seven-day forecast, if you're looking for more heat, i will show you when the 90s
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. good morning, everybody. this is going to be a primetime beach day across northern ohio. whatever you want to do outside. that warmer air is going to spice things up and stepping into mid-afternoon. by the noon hour, most of us are in the lower 80s. right now, nice clear skies and grab the wind this afternoon. game time, 4:10 for the indians and should be in the lower 80s. the warm air is pumping in and how to plan your labor day monday if you have the day off. enjoy it. and look at the temperatures. we're talking 88 for greater cleveland. many spots, lower 90s. >> and when we hit the 80s, it's okay to go to the pool. >> and thank you. labor day, though, marking the end of the summer season
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end of several popular attracts and tomorrow is the last chance to grab a movie and after the final labor day screening, the theatre will close for renovations and expect to reopen in mid-october as the cleveland clinic foundation dome theatre. it will feature the world's first giant dome cinema laser system. >> and the wild water kingdom is closing tomorrow. this shut down is for good. the water park's owner cedar fair, which also owns point, said it's working with bainbridge township in the city of aurora to redevelop the property. wild water kingdom opened on the former sea world site in 2005. the adjacent geauga lake department closed after the 2007 season. and another ohio attraction saying goodbye. that would be that girl there. the polar bear has been a favorite at the columbus zoo since she was born 10 months ago. she had to be hand raised by zookeepers after her mother abandoned her. tomorrow is the last day you
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she's relocated to a zoo in oregon. and as we head to break, this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. 8:13 now on your sunday morning and the catholic church is welcoming a new saint this morning. a few hours ago, pope francis officially declared mother theres away saint. to honor her mission helping
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more than 1,000 of italy's homeless are being served pizza lunch at the vatican and 32 you most of the sainthood was all but guaranteed, though, and in order to become several --'s saint, several miracles need to be witnessed. in her case, there were controversies in the past of miracles used to justify her sainthood. >> even in india, hardly anyone believes the miracles were genuine and the doctors -- there were no miracles. >> and despite some doubters about the miracles, mother teresa remains revered the world over. catholic sainthood will further cement her legacy of doing good among admirers and believers. staying in europe now, england with no plans to revisit brexit. the british prime minister said there will be no sick referendum on exiting the european union and may is meeting with president obama as
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the uk plans to continue pursuing an aggressive trade relationship with the united states. and the so much for two american mountain climbers is being called off in picture. the pair from out -- in pakistan. they are well known in the hiking community. helicopter sweeps were going out daily to try to find them but no evidence was found. search team members said the chances of fining them at finding them alive at this point are extremely slim. and potentially dangerous storms solely make their way up along the east coast and these are live pictures from the atlantic city area where tropical storm hermine is bringing high winds, rain, and big waves. hermine has been picking up steam since leaving florida and is expected to, again, become a hurricane before making landfall again. mary maloney has the latest.
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damaged roads and flooded homes. >> we had to emcee two in the garbage can and the kitchen. probably seven, 8 times during the night and we had three inches of water on the floor. we couldn't do it fast enough. >> reporter: much of florida's panhandle continues to recover from the destruction hurricane hermine left behind. >> and more than 300,000 floridians experienced power loss. the top concern res -- is regaining power to the homes and businesses to begin the longer a hurricane, hermine is not done yet. rough seas, high winds, and strong storm surge threatened the coast line from south carolina to as far north as connecticut. some computer models show the storm could stall offshore. gain strength, and then slam back into the eastern seaboard. >> and not only will the immediate coast line be a dangerous place in the mid- atlantic and northwest this
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the system. >> reporter: thousands of homes in the carolinas have already lost power. further north, city officials are taking every precaution. >> and we can say that we learned some powerful and painful lessons from sandy. we have made a number of changes to the way we prepare for this kind of situation. >> reporter: the mayor of new york said no swimming will be allowed at the beaches on sunday and in new jersey, atlantic city officials see there on the east coast and midwest, an earthquake. oklahoma was hit with a record- tieing quake yesterday. the 5.6 quake was felt as far away as illinois and texas. it's believed the increase in seismic activity in oklahoma is due to disposing left over fracking water it deep underground. as a result of the recent quake, oklahoma calling for temporary shutdown of 37 wells near that epicenter. and a wedding day is
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and groom's world. but, the earthquake meant that sent him was taken literal for one tulsa, oklahoma, couple. >> and i kind of think it's good luck. and we were upstairs getting ready and it started shaking and we were like oh, dear, what is happening? it was an earthquake and we're like we'll take it as good luck for the day. >> and yeah. what she said. [ laughter ] >> the couple still wed with their wedding ceremony later in the day. and needless to say, that be a day they will never forget for a lot of reasons. get married and greeted by a huge earthquake. >> and no earthquakes any time soon for us and just gorgeous weather this labor day weekend. the gift that we want to say and continues today, for sure. >> and definitely. we have been lucky across northeast ohio. >> yeah. >> and we have storms to our west and east and we continue to just be in this center of that goodness. >> and thank you to the high
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the going to retreat. it really wants to be the center of attention throughout your extended weekend if you have tomorrow off. we're talking about warmer temperatures than today. now, yesterday, i told you it was not a pool day. we were still in the 70s and humidity is pretty low. i will pull that chord and say today, head to the pool or back into the lower 80s with bright sunshine, definitely in full affect. and light look at the temperatures right now -- let's look at the temperatures right now for the greater reports earlier this morning. mid-40s for wayne county and dew points, lower 50s and the great news, the windings are on the calm -- winds are on the calm side and that is low throughout the afternoon. dealing with the north breeze about five to 10 miles per hour. so, right now, richland county, lower 50s and 52, good morning. wooster and also, ashtabula, you had reports in the upper
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currently at 55 degrees. looking at the rest of the viewing area, 57 for dover, new philly, greater cleveland, 57; elyria, lower 50s and some cooler air, but we will be in the lower 80s by the noon hour and also, our dew points are in the mid-50s range and this is nice breathable air across northern ohio and they will continue to rise a bit and stepping into about the noon hour. we're going to deal with that sweet pressure really doesn't retreat and until about wednesday afternoon. and do you want to look at the tropical storm? it's well offshore and still, tropical storm warnings for the eastern seaboard and that is the winds now. they definitely kicking up, allowing the waves to be very dangerous across the area and also, beach erosion going to be a problem. all the way to wednesday. closer to home, though, hour-by-
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of sunshine and clearing by tonight and it will be a nice, pleasant evening. definitely, you might need the light coat handy as the overnight lows in the lower 50s and this is a double dose of high pressure that really doesn't move out of our area until about wednesday afternoon. as we track our next cold front. and daytime highs, we're stepping into the 80s with sunshine galore across the board. tonight, crystal clear conditions. 58 degrees and this to the lake. inland areas expect lower 50s, upper 40s for some spots. akron and canton, you're the place to be. 85 degrees as warmer air continues to track in here. the 70, nick, summer and it won't let up here and take a look. ninetys. and they do return by tuesday afternoon. we're going to go on a three- day stretch of the warm air pumping in and we'll start to
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>> and today, a great day ahead of the ballpark and watch the indians go for a sweep for sure. they keep on rolling and add padding to the division lead. a familiar face getting in on the fun. buckeyes with the season opener on the grid iron and here's more in our morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it's one of the best plays you will see this weekend. case western reserve sophomore justin fan feels the putt on the sideline returns it 85 yards for the touchdown and spartans think the university of chicago and the season opener, 45 to 17. just -- and that is how you start a sports segment. we're heading back to the football field in a moment. ohio state breaks an 86-year- old record and what happened on the high school football field. right now on the diamond as the indians go for five straight
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three for five in the game and setting the table for the tribe. oh, yeah, making an impact and the next batter is jason facing jose fernandez, one of the best in the game and goes down and gets it. his 22nd home run this season and indians down a run and with a high five, cocoa. yeah, and trevor bower getting help. ichiro with a shot to first and check out carlos santana, snares it and carlos and thank you very much, great reaction. the bottom 6th. francisco with three hits on the night. got 22 three-had it games in the seasons, most in the majors and the first four-hit game of the career. one run scores and another comes home with a bad throw. lindor goes 4 for 4. the indians beat the marlins 8-3 and five straight wins, cleveland wins by 5 1/2 games in the division and cocoa back
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out four, five times. you want to do something special. i was able to get out and keep things rolling, you know and that is definitely a weight lifted off of my shoulders to do that right away. >> and there is no one here in this game. >> huh-uh. >> and that would tell you -- the hit and that is how i play the game and how we play the game here. we're passing the baton here and that is pretty much since worry about being the guy and worry about doing the right thing at the right time. >> and lindor and the indians will go for the sweep later today and yesterday in the nfl and in cleveland, it's a trade that has people talking. the former first round pick gilbert traded to the steelers for a 2018 pick and none of the picks made are still on the roster. all of them gone and after the draft picks in the 2016 class,
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roster. ohio state had 12 players selected in this year's nfl draft. the buckeyes returning six starters, including the quarterback and ohio state opening against bowling green after throwing a pick six, barrett threw six touchdowns, including two to h back curtis samuel with 261 all-purpose yards and three total touchdowns on defense. malik hooker, made a spectacular play and with that int and had two of game going sky high there and buckeyes with a school record and 776 yards of total offense. the previous record set 86 years ago and ohio state overwhelmed bowling green 77- 10. next week, they play tulsa on newschannel 5. and down a level, a big game at biers field and look who is at the game. the browns owner and menner with the ball and tataroonis
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a seven-point game and saint ignacious takes over and went open and i will keep to myself, a 21-yard touchdown and defeating menner, final score of 49-7. >> and taking on cleveland central catholic and didn't have enough players. several players were suspended after a hazing incident in the summer and back on the field, it was cougars and the touchdown to alston there and josh corbin with the ha and 24 yards for the touchdown and lake catholic wins it 30-6 and that is your morning sports. have a great day. and thank you. coming up, the stanford swimmer convicted of rain is out of prison this morning and is in ohio. the protest is growing there. >> and the air show continuing in cleveland. we have a closer look at the stars of the show. you're watching good morning cleveland as we head to break.
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weekend. all clear if you're out and
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. >> hello, everybody. it's 8:29. we start this half hour with another live look in downtown cleveland from our tower cam. you see blue skies hanging up over cleveland. the gorgeous holiday weekend
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edition of good morning cleveland. we have several developing stories for you, including a major drug bust in cleveland. and a warning for anyone planning on doing some grilling today. more on the stories in just a moment. first, a check on the beautiful weather with power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. >> and good morning, nick and everybody. we're waking up to blue skies, as you said. not a cloud in the sky. a perfect day for your sunday afternoon to just be outside as the temperatures. they will continue to warm up, degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. we return to the 80s. the treadoff for all of this sunshine is a cooler weather pattern for overnight lows and morning lows. we're in the lower 50s. so definitely off to a cooler start. the sunshine is in tact throughout the afternoon. look at the hour-by-hour. by the noon hour, nick, we're going to jump about 15 degrees from now. we'll be in the upper 70s and
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look at this. lower 80s by 5. >> a cool start and warming up nicely. thank you, janessa. and we're working to learn more about a massive drug bust on cleveland's east side. the police source telling us that a large amount of cocaine was seized from a truck on saint clare avenue yesterday morning. investigators still working to find out who the truck belongs to and still no word on possible charges. before you get ready to fire up the grill this weekend, check your propane tank. a cleveland woman was after one exploded. it happened saturday afternoon yesterday on west 48th street. fire officials say a propane tank attached to a grill outside of the home exploded and caught on fire. the flames quickly spreading to the house. everyone inside thankfully made it out safely and one woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> and smoke was everywhere. shot fire and glass and it
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out. >> and it caused heavy damage to the home and there is no word this morning. >>. and protestors continue to gather outside of the home of brock turner. he was released from california prison three months into his six-month sentence. it's reignited the controversy surrounding what critics consider a very light sentence. he's from the dayton area and 6 pictured to return there for his probation. local police say he will ne to register as a sex offender. >> tier three offender, which would require his registering every 90 days with us. we would anticipate him register with us in the very near future. >> and this morning, tmz is reporting that turner's mother called police to help them manage the protestors gathering at their home. the police say they will monitor the home as well as
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activity. and back here in northeast ohio, the blue angels are back. and the cleveland national air she taking over the skies and the photographers took in the sites and signs from day one at burke lakefront airport. >> and i wanted to see the blue angels. they do tricks in the and they fly super fast. >> we always come every year. and he likes that -- >> they have been amazing. i can't believe it did that and i would like to go -- myself. >> and i love the military, and love the planes. the history here.
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way to learn about the different types of aircrafts and what they do. >> and i like them because they have my favorite colors. >> i think very cool is the contestant. and you have two more days to check it out. the spirit of munich can be felt here in northeast ohio today. oktoberfest continues at the cuyahoga county fairgrounds. the annual gathering is the largest outdoor area. the big draw today, the bavarian strong man contest. the beatles tribute band and wiener dog races. tonight starting at 8:30, catch a fireworks show. the celebration of beer and bratz continues tomorrow as well and on labor day. and that is what i was corrected. >> music taking over the
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the summer festival and it gets underway this afternoon until mid-night and there will be pyrotechnics and lots of grubs friendship is the focus of a special event and my walk for friends and expected to draw more than 1,000 people to pepper pike starting at friendship circle. they will walk 1.7 miles to raise the purpose of a friend the walk starts at 10:30 and concludes with a carnival for the kids. >> and coming up next, the rock hall celebrating a milestone birthday. we'll show you how it's celebrating. >> and this year's election is about more than two will be our next president. we'll look at some of the other issues on the ballot in cleveland. janessa has the weather. janessa. >> and nick, still tracking lots of sunshine for your labor day weekend. i will show you my seven-day forecast when a few raindrops
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. good morning, everybody. off to a fantastic start if you're heading to lakefront airport for the air show this afternoon. we're looking at the temperatures that are going to return to the lower 80s. look at this, nick, by 5:00, most of us in the upper 70s, lower 80s degrees mark. a wonderful day to be out and
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yesterday afternoon. looking a lot warmer. so, if you want to head to the pool, looking a-okay and by tomorrow afternoon, we are looking at some spots. they're going to be back into the lower 90s. and today, from richland to mansfield, closer to the lake and it's a light breeze from euclid to avon lake. upper 70s this afternoon. and the hotspot, they're going to be breaking out the barbecue. 85 for akron. >> and that is amaz weekend weather continues. thank you. and it's not every day you get to turn 21. call it a coming of age, milestone or major o chiefment -- achievement. that is the case for the rock'n'roll hall of fame. we were there for the celebration. jackie fernandez has more. >> reporter: you couldn't miss the dancing. or the blue angels flying
8:40 am
throw a party, especially when it's a milestone. >> for 21 -- we're 21 years old, 11 million visitors are going to crank another 21 years. >> reporter: as president and ceo of the rock'n'roll hall of fame, greg harris knows what he is talking about. ef summer, we have people from all 50 states and countries coming to the rock'n'roll hall of fame. >> reporter: that happens all of the time. >> we came as a getaway for the weekend and home sunday. but right now, we're enjoying ourselves. >> reporter: they picked the ultimate weekend to come. >> and we came to the rock'n'roll hall of fame. this is like a bonus air show, we're having a ball. >> reporter: hitting the surprises out of the star, former indians player carlos. >> people come back. >> reporter: they keep coming back year after year and on the 21st birthday, the rock hall future is clear.
8:41 am
place cleveland indians. they the benned and looking great. this is a wonderful time to be in northeast ohio and the rock'n'roll hall of fame. >> it is and that was jackie fernandez reporting the celebration continuing throughout the month and especially a clevelander. they will be priced for residents living in the 440 through 443 zip codes and new for $20 with a valid id. if you see news happening, let us know. te or tweet
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welcome back, it'sity error 44:00. -- it's 8:44. both trump and clinton made stops in ohio this week. clinton and her running mate set to return to cleveland tomorrow. here's a look at the presidential race and a breakdown of how much more those who work could be paying. >> reporter: good sunday morning, northeast ohio know there is a cleveland connection. president grover cleveland, the one who made it an official holiday in 1894. i know technically cleveland was not from cleveland but from buffalo, by way of new jersey. i use it to make a point. the democrat ran twice for the white house and didn't win ohio either time. that is something the current democrat running for the white house and campaigning in cleveland on labor day is
8:45 am
happen to her. hillary clinton and tim cape will appear tomorrow at the annual 11th district labor day parade, ending at luke easter park. ohio has 88 counties, yes, but for clinton and the democrats, it comes down to what they're able to do here. >> and you maintained the bases and get the turnout the way obama did in 2012, we're going to go democrat. >> reporter: that is a know because of the inroads trump made this year with the labor community and not the unions but rank and file. it's one of the for politics and seeking support. and in the year that is 2016, nothing is certain. >> and this is one of the votes that was reliably democrat and is up for grabs because of what trump did to laborerrings when it comes to trade and immigration et cetera. >> reporter: trump capitalizing on clinton's comments. >> and we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> reporter: that is where trump told me he sees
8:46 am
business, the steel workers and manufacturing is going to leave and bring it back. >> reporter: and to the rescue, the strongest victory was the auto industry bailout that came in the early days of obama's first term. as a result, a 2012 campaign was a victory lap. >> and 15,000 new jobs again back since reorganizing. >> reporter: and a message to auto workers in cleveland. >> he had no idea what in america. he has no idea that, in fact, one thing as we know in this country. give average americans an even chance and they have never, never, never let their country down. not one single solitary time. >> reporter: they begin the unusual process of lobbying their own. and they didn't feel they would have to do. >> unlike a lot of people, i
8:47 am
last thanksgiving but he's still here. >> reporter: look for the focus to remain high as polls here in ohio show the race continues to be tight. and they had a tide while the real clear politics average has clinton up four points. if donald trump loses to clinton, the republican race to 2020 would begin almost immediately and some would say it has. governor john kasich started off the week in a familiar place, campaigning f new hampshire and not for himself this time, but republican governor hopeful christopher nunu. and many believing 2020 can't be far from his mind. >> he's playing the inside game, collecting chips, people supporting him and he's providing support for them and keeping a staff on from the campaign and quietly build the network and continue into 2020. >> i and where is that more crucial than in new hampshire? the rnc rules committee decided
8:48 am
status in four years, a state where kasich hold over a hundred up tos and had a formidable ground game. last month, i asked kasich about this. >> and because of the ground work is delayed when you look at the state like new hampshire. and you met 2/3 of the people. would you consider another run? >> well, that is like asking someone once they finish a marathon, you know, meet them at the finish line. are you going to run another one? i'm not shutting my political operation down or close doors. i am decisions. >> reporter: what he is doing is keeping the proup, writing an op-ed on forms and another last week for the new york times and how to fix the nation's welfare system. and it took two years to be focused on making sure the ohio story is one he can run. >> and this idea of the economic model of ohio, the social model of ohio, being what he would support and want to see happen nationally. >> reporter: part of kasich's ohio story, of course, is that
8:49 am
into a $2 billion surplus. the flip side of that is a lot of cities will say that money came out of their pockets. the end result for cleveland. the first time in 35 years, voters will be asked to approve this november an income tax hike. cleveland is balancing the budget through creative financing and this is after the state balance is in 2011 and cutting the money it sends to local governments. for cleveland, that was a $35 state passed collective bargaining reforms to get some money back. at the time, it doesn't work that way. >> and if he was in -- it was in full effect, it would not make up $35.7 million. believe me. >> and that can continue to grow. for the first time in 35 years, cleveland is seeking to raise income tax from 2 to 2 1/2% and an income of $50,000 that would
8:50 am
around $83 million. money that would offset a pending deficit, eliminate the need for layoffs and cutting the city services while making the city's neighbors right for more investment. >> and that means you need greater services and better roads the. you need more housing inspections. you need faster codes and ps to come forward. >> reporter: the greater cleveland partnership studied the matter and concluded the increase was the only way to make that happen, building on momentum started. people have to see every neighborhood in our community being as attractive and interesting for them as tremont or ohio city or university circle. and that is what we think the tax can help to achieve. >> and this is an interesting stat. 87% of the city's income tax is paid for by workers who don't live in the city and, therefore, won't have a vote this november. i'm john kosich. enjoy your sunday. and thank you, john. that income tax question will
8:51 am
november. what is big now is this weather. you need to get out. whatever you want to do, whether that is a ball game, barbecue. >> right. >> and you have to take advantage this weekend. they don't come like this many times this many days in a row. >> right. >> and i hope that people did a staycation across northeast ohio and didn't leave for the weekend. >> and among the best weather in the country now. >> and we're sitting under the high pressure and that is what is allowing for all of the goodness we're going to see throughout the afternoon and light look nothing but blue skies across northeast ohio and look at that. is that going to be a wonder 68 day across the lake? and -- wonderful day across the lake? the temperatures will rise. yesterday, we were in the 70s and i was not officially thinking it was a pool day today. we'll be back in the 80s and i want you to head to the pool. the humidity is up a bit but that is not that oppressive air and give you a tour here of wane county. just a beautiful start to your
8:52 am
county, menner, wonderful conditions. even for lorain area and not a cloud in the sky. not a -- just a wonderful start to the sunday afternoon. the tradeoff, temperatures are slightly cooler this morning. richland county, good morning and making our way to madison, geneva on the lake, ashtabula, lower 50s and definitely the cooler air in place. and looking to elyria and the hour, going to allow for that warmer temperatures to move in across northeast ohio and both sides of us to the west, we're dealing with the cold front from the central plains. they're dealing with wet, rainy conditions and we still have that tropical storm making its way offshore and still, tropical storm warnings, the biggest concern as it's starting to lose its force is winds still picking up.
8:53 am
taking over the eastern seaboard and we continue to really be under that sweet spot, high pressure is not going to retreat here until about wednesday afternoon. and so, what do you have planned this afternoon? lots of sunshine. had that -- have that sunscreen handy as the day time highs and folks, they're warming up 81 and this is for greater cleveland, akron, massillon and canton area. and we're talking about 85 degrees and crystal conditions. the 80s are not your thing. look at the seven-day forecast. by tuesday afternoon, folks, we are talking about 90 degrees weather and, nick, just for you. you like to go on this stretch of summer conditions that is wednesday, thursday, and temperatures above normal. we'll start tracking a few storms by saturday afternoon. >> and summer not ready to give up just yet. thank you, janessa. and breaking news to tell you about out of north
8:54 am
pictures. they have leer nagel road blocked off to teres a street. and no word what they're look at here. they heard what sounded like gunfire around 6 this morning. we're making calls and bring you the latest as we learn more on this incident.
8:55 am
8:56 am
. welcome back, janessa joins us with another look at the weather and you're joking all weekend long.
8:57 am
>> and thank you for giving me a bit of a break. >> exactly. >> and we're continuing on this stretch of lots of sunshine. it will continue through tuesday afternoon. i am trying to think of different ways to say sunny skies. they will continue, hot weather returns by tuesday-wednesday and then you will put me back to work on thursday and friday and saturday. we'll start to chase a few storms. >> yes. and the thunderstorms there as well. a big raise up the temperature today, from 50s overnight. fortys in some cases. >> right. >> and back to 80s. we'll see you
8:58 am
. hey, i'm sarah carns. if you're looking for a job, you may want to attend a career fair hosted by ohio the project director is here to tell us about the event. it's taking place on september 9th. thank you so much for being here, mark. let's start off by telling me what is ohio >> ohio means, most people believe it's more than a career site in jobless things and resumes. we turned it into a full-fledge career planning and resource tool that will have local events and workshops on it as well for you. >> and speaking of those great events what, can people look forward to out there who are looking for a job? >> we're hosting a -- we're hosting a regional event. six career fairs around the state and we're having one in cleveland in september. and where you will be able to go and find employers and talk with them about the current openings that they have. >> and that sounds like a great
8:59 am
that career fair? >> it's september 9th for employers, it starts at 1:00 -- 9:00 and for job seekers, the 1:00 at the community campus here. the cuyahoga community college, the eastern campus and they will be able to be there. >> and let's say i am out there and i am looking for a job. what can i expect when i come? >> for an employer at 9:00, we're hosting an event where we will have a keynote speaker talking about what is going on in the region and what enhancements we made and other things that can help employers find the talent they're looking for. at 1:00, they will be able to come and meet with those employers that have job openings where they can set down and talk with them. we'ra under the influence going to have staff on site where they can have staff look at the resumes and help them brush it up. we'll have people there getting interview tips and other things they can do. >> and this is a free event as well and yes, come on out and check it out. if you will like more information, visit the website
9:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george st stephanopoulos. sprint to the finish. >> mr. president, i call you a friend. >> and that fiery speech when he returned. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. >> dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. that is not how it work. and for hillary clinton, record unfavorability. and still more e-mail questions. >> that is just one more clinton lie. >> our exclusive interviews with both sides. vice presidential nominee tim kaine. and trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. plus --


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